Album cover Sweet Talker
Jessie J
Writer(s) Elle Varner • Jenna Andrews • William Wiik Larsen
Producer(s) Will IDAP

"Personal" is a song on Jessie J's album Sweet Talker.


This tender ballad finds Jessie singing about a doomed relationship in which she finds herself "crying all night." The song was written by "Refill" singer Elle Varner and Canadian singer-songwriter Jenna Andrews. Jessie co-penned most of the songs on her first two albums but is credited on only five of Sweet Talker's 12 songs. She told Digital Spy: "I would never sing a song that I don't feel like I haven't lived the shoes in. I am a fan of the writers." "It's a constant cycle of inspiration so like, for example, when I heard 'Fire' and when I heard 'Personal', these are songs that I have lived and so I added my input on the lyric and changed some of the things to really make it suitable for me, to feel comfortable to sing it.," Jessie added. "And it was an amazing experience to be able to let go like that."